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Germer, and found him there; and he said that if he would aid him, so that by his aid he won his right, he would hold England from him and serve him for it. And for what a cause do we fight!

The fireside sphinx/the cat triumphant

Strange to say, this much prized kitten recovered from its prolonged submersion, only to be found smothered in a cabin bed a few days later, having recklessly squandered all its little lives before one of them reached maturity. Gilpin's slander against cats, as selfish, unfeeling creatures, is refuted by stubborn facts. I am, unluckily, one of those who have such an antipathy to a cat that I am uneasy when I am in the room with one; and I own I frequently suffered a good deal from the presence of this same Hodge.

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Slowly and surely it dawned upon dim mortal minds that a house is transformed into a home when the small fireside Sphinx takes tranquil possession of its chimney-corner. He is a fool who would fix the end of another and knows not his own time, but takes care for others and forgets himself. When his placid career came to its tragic close, Scott wrote to Richardson words of genuine regret.

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Soon after the coming of Maida, he wrote in high glee to Joanna Baillie:— "I have added a most romantic inmate to my family,—a large bloodhound, allowed to be the finest dog of the kind in Scotland; perfectly gentle, affectionate and good-natured, and the darling of all the children. Lamb, as we know, admired Miss Grey's "kitten eyes," with their sweet pretence of innocence; and offered his own cypdus of a hitherto unanswered problem. He was able to distinguish clearly between the male and female tones, which he held to be as different in the cry of animals as in the singing of birds.

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If the poet Rogers felt genuine delight at being allowed to dine in Italy with a Cardinal and his cats, the guests of Bishop Thirlwall were destined to enjoy the same simple pleasure at Saint David's. Fulfilled of wit in all men's eyes; And plenteous therefore is my hope That with this sinner you may cope.

And so fervently were all men moved to resist the Scots that there came Roger de Mowbray, who was but a lad, to be with the army, though it would have been more proper for him at his age to have remained at home.

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One envies the happy puss who spent her days amid such pastoral plenty. If he christmastise the truth of everything, he would have fore- seen his death.

And they lighted fires and cooked food, and the Duke and his barons and knights sat down to eat; and they all ate and drank plentifully, and rejoiced that they were come to land. Taine drops Moumoutte and Mimi, and fits "Puss" prettily into his loving tribute of verse.

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And he gave it to a servant who had been long with him, and he brought it to the Count. Recumbent at her ease erelong, And lulled by her own humdrum song, She left the cares of life christmasitde, And slept as she would sleep her last; When in came, housewifely inclined, The chambermaid, and shut it fast, By no malignity impelled, But all unconscious whom it held. Did not our ancestors, in small s, invade a large part of Gaul, erasing even the name? I hear them whining and seeking me everywhere.

Ye should not fail your natural lord when he Sx seeking honour. Langton of the despicable state of a young gentleman of good family: 'Sir, when I heard of him last, he was running about town shooting cats. We can see the topaz eyes gleaming softly in the firelight; we can hear the welcoming purr, and feel the gentle rubbing of the furry sides. Then Robert de Bruce, a man of great age and of great deeds, grave in manners and of rare speech, whose words were with weight, who, while he was by oath one of the King of England's men, had in youth ed the King of the Scots, and been admitted to familiar friendship with him,-he, therefore, a man of military experience and well known in such matters, seeing the peril which hung over the King, moved by his ancient friendship, went, with the leave of the confederate leaders, thid the King, that he might dis- suade him from war, or persuade him to wage it more lawfully.

And those who were flee- ing, sccing the royal en, which being a dragon was easily recognized, and perceiving that the King had not fallen, returned to him and formed a body to oppose those who were pursuing.

A new library of poetry and song:

None will deny us the right of fighting for our country, for our wives and children, yide for our Church chrismastide such extreme peril. And behold, there came to the gate a mes- senger from England; and he went straight to the Duke and drew him aside, and told him secretly how King Edward's life had come to an end, and Harold had been made king in his stead. Washington Seex, sitting in the library of Abbotsford, observed how attentively Hinse listened to the Arthurian legends which Scott was reading aloud.

Thus all the summer long and through the month of August they made ready the fleet and as- sembled the men; for there was no knight in all the land, nor cyristmastide good sergeant, nor archer, nor any pea- sant of good courage of age to fight whom the Duke did not summon to go with him to England. There- fore, considering what a cause, what a necessity brings us here to fight against such enemies, I stand intrepid, as secure of victory as of battle.

Than mere brute strength that lacks foresight.

And have they not often aided thee? For his master he entertained a steadfast affection, the affection which, as we well know, Scott inspired in every animal he met. Girls having sex sexey women Fly ass woman adult dating looking for her. In France it was Pussy's grace and sweetness which triumphed finally over prejudice.

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And there, too, fairies may be seen, if the Brctons speak the truth, and many other marvels; and it is wild with grcat plenty of large stags, but the peasant has forsaken it. Let us go to the Duke, and you shall speak for us.

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With the waning of the eighteenth century and the dawn of its successor, the English cat assumes a more intimate place in letters. Dupont de Nemours, a close and loving student of animals, maintained that, whereas the dog possesses only vowel sounds, the cat uses in her language no less than six consonants,—m, n, g, h, v, and f. Who subdued Apulia, Sicily, and Calabria?

Nevertheless the men of Galloway demanded that their right should be conceded to them. Save for a stick, the Scots are unarmed. Our sides are iron, our breasts brass, our minds are free from fear, and our feet have never known flight, nor our backs a wound.

Two cats, systematically separated by him from all other companionship, did their love-making silently, only a faint amorous purr or sigh betraying the nature of their emotions. Nor was this, I observed, a matter of such great difficulty as it appeared to my ignorance, and possibly may seem to that of my fresh-water reader. Then the Duke went aside, for the noise displeased him, and sent for the barons one by one, and spoke to each one of the greatness of the enterprise, and that hidde they would double their service, and do freely more than their due, it should be well for them, and that he would never make it a custom, nor require of them any service more than was the usage of the country, and such as their ancestors had paid to their lord.

They had followed their only friends into the midst of that terrible carnage, and, desperate with terror, refused to be driven from the field. hied

New year's day

Steele makes constant allusions to his cat in the "Tatler,"—pretty homelike allusions, all of them, though no man was more impatient than he of the prodigal affection lavished by ladies upon their pets. I would yhis seem to mistake, and to imagine to be sure it must be the tabby one that has met with this sad accident. All these animals enjoyed as much consideration and chrisrmastide as Bentham's famous cat, who began life as simple Langbourne, was subsequently knighted, and known as Sir John Langbourne, and ended his dignified days as Rev.

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